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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 21, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> one count is looud acts on a child under owe 14 and 14-15. each charge with sexual penetration of an intoxicated or drugged person. >> they're looking for more potential victims in this case. >> the alameda county superior court judge accused of stealing millions from his widowed neighbor resigned. the judge paul seem an was fighting charges he took control his neighbors finances and funneled them away. seaman agreed to never serve as a judge in california again. >> police arrested a 14-year-old and his passenger after a chase in a stolen car this morning. the teen driver was booked into juvenile hall and the
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23-year-old passenger is charged with auto theft, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. police are looking for a second passenger who ran from the car. >> an assistant chief with patrol is charged with helping his son, a convicted rapist escape to mexico. prosecuters say he filed a report when he reportedded his son missing. and his mother and sister face charges. >> striking members of the san francisco symphony used their music today demanding management open their financial books. they postponed a concert tour including a performance at carnegie hall, saying managers are giving themselves bonuses and offering musicians a
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contract with no raise in the first year. management says the symphony members are the third highest paid in the nation with a salary of $165,000 a year and 10 weeks paid vacation. >> colorado governor signed a bill into law allowing civil unions for gay couples. nine states allow gay marriage. >> and they're about to head to washington for culmination of a debate starting in san francisco. >> it's been an incredible experience, turning out to be historic one. >> chris perry ask sandy steer are one of the two couples behind the lawsuit challenging the ban on same-sex marriage. since the passage in 2008,
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polls show sentiment has shifted. president obama now supports marriage for the nation's gays and lesbians and his administration has filed a brief with the u.s. supreme court. >> if we're successful and prevail, and no lower court rulings are reversed and prop 8 goes away. >> that is our fwo. it will send a message to the country. >> but will not change the minds minds of critics like bill may. >> not about same-sex marriages. it's about the question of whether marriage should be redefined. >> this berkeley couple says they aren't trying to redefine marriage but have access to it. justices are expected to rule by the end of june.
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>> and carrow slin traveling to washington, d.c. where the supreme court will consider whether prop 8 wrongly de. >> i nis gays and lesbians the rights to marriage. live reports begin on tuesday. >> breaking news in the south bay. a day care teach year accused of trying to drug students faces 10 misdemeanor charges. the 59-year-old is charged with five counts of attempted child endangerment and five counts of assault. >> gratz worked at the kiddie academy from 2007 until last week. a teacher says she saw gratz putting a sleeping aid into the kids' sippy cups. the cups confiscated before children could drink them. and gratz is due in court next tuesday. >> a public hearing being held in san francisco on the big changes being proposed for yosemite national park. the service wants to ban horses, bicycles and raft rentals in yosemite valley. crews would remove pools from
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the awahnee hotel and the ice rink at curry village. the plan is meant to restore the park's natural setting. that plan being discussed this evening in san francisco. >> spring has sprung and so! >> there is a ton of excitement and abc 7 news is live with more. laura? >> tough assignment, huh? it's a beautiful day here in the napa valley. yes there is excitement about the growing season, which is just beginning. >> it hasn't he broken yet. >> this dry weather has been a blessing and a phone shall curse for wine growers.
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buds are swelling early. workers are out pruning and tying vines. >> it tells the plants to get going. >> thanks to a wet early season, water supply shouldn't be a big issue this year. a worry is frost. but with high tech monitoring systems growers say they'll get plenty of warning autos we have a lot of technology available to us. >> wenldy cohen is the director. >> there is more about monitoring and being aware. so many of us have weather stations that are set up on reports that will call us and alert us. >> we're back live here these folks are enjoying their
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afternoon here. about the frost they put in fans to use if there is a frost condition that is done purposely. they want fans available in case they zront enough water to turn on sprinklers. in the meantime, there is as masive replant goinging on here. we'll tell you more about that at 6:00. >> well, spencer wants to you bring back samples. >> yes. >> in addition he is the house sommelier. >> what's happening with weather? >> bud break doesn't mean having a beer at lunchtime. the second day of spring looking like second day of spring. cloud-free skies we do, however have a wind advisory in effect beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00 continuing
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until tomorrow evening. tomorrow morning at 8:00 i should say continuing into 7:00 for the counties of sacramento and san joaquin and yolo including the delta straight. winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. brings are looking great at blue skies and temperatures 57 degrees in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 62 in san jose. another live view from our camera. 66 in livermore, here is a forecast this, evening, clear, breezy. winds becoming gusty by morning in delta area and over the bay area hill tops. afternoon, sunny skies, windy. lovely third day of spring
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coming up. i'll look at the fourth, fifth and sixth days of spring later. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the rare find at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. >> and disposable film festival comes to the bay area, what makes movies different from other autos and new at 4:30 yoko ono joins a gun control debate. the statement she made. >> a live check of traffic downtown san francisco skyway usual crawl. oncoming traffic trying to get on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. better for those folks heading towards peninsula. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00 in just a moment.
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the president is urging israelies and palestinians to resume peace talks this as militants fired rockets into a border town in israel today. abc has more from washington, d.c.. >> israeli leaders gave the president a big sendoff but the center piece was a speech to the young adults of the country. before the dinner the president told israeli college students their country? a cross roads and peace is the only way to ensure israel's
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survival. >> you have the opportunity to be the generation that secures the zionist dream. >> it's a tough sell. >> just as israelies built a state in their homeland, palestinians have a right to be a free people in their homeland. >> but his remarks were interrupted by a heckler. >> i won't feel comfortable if i didn't have at least one heckler. >> earlier two, rockets fired from gaza into southern israel. at the time, the president was in the west bank appealing for the palestinian president to relaunch peace talk was israel. gaza controlled by the rival faction ham ya.s. >> i think we can keep pushing through some problems and make sure that we don't use them as excuse not to do anything. >> abbas wants raillies to cease settlement building in the west bank. >> we believe settlements are
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illegal. >> the president leads israel without progress are towards peace but more about building bridges with the israelies. >> on to business news. and you know ncaa tournament is underway, you can now compare your brackets with yahoo's ceo. and emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. >> and good afternoon. you tube celebrating a big achievement. taking that into perspective google says nearly one out of every two people go to you tube and the audience is the equivalent of the audience for 10 super bowls. google taking aim at ever note. the search giant just released it's own note-taking app called google keep. the app let's you store notes,
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photos and more. amazon kindle appears to be the android tablet of choice. 28% of the market while samsung has just 7%. both companies way behind apple which commanded 45 mrs% share. concern over european debt overshadowed positive data sending stocks lower. your bloomberg silicon valley index lower on shares of oracle and cisco. and march madness tips into high gear today, one fan is marissa my yes, she tweeted out she set up a bracket and urged torjz come play against her. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you. >> two an expedition by jeff
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besos pulled up engines after lift off he just fell back into the ocean. >> spencer christian is here with weather. >> i think you can hold off three minutes. >> things looking great. great day for a line or not. crowd free sky. winds picking up a little bit. forecast features clear and gusty.
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this pattern holds into the weekend. here is a look at satellite showing a big strong ridge of high pressure that will continue fosh a while but wind flow is giving us a warm up and producing gusty winds starting at 7:00 this evening. strongest winds along the coastline. notice that changes overnight. and into the delta area by 9:00 41 miles per hour gusts at fairfield still near coastline but not as strong as delta area. overnight tonight clear skies and increasingly windy conditions. upper 30s and around 40s interior valleys of the east
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bai. low 40s for the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures in the south bay. on the peninsula, upper 60s and mountain view. 60 in the sunset district. pardon my cracking voice. north bay highs upper 60s. east bay and inland east bay highs at or just above 70 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. this mild pattern stays with us through monday. cooling down tuesday. clouds increase wednesday with a slight chance of showers and next thursday could be a soggy day. >> looks like a great weekend it is. >> thank you.
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>> coming up next how the song john travolta made famous staying alive decades later. >> it's been 15 years but today came back to live in black and white. coming u
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>> chubby checker is now part of history. among 25 recording goesing into the library of congress today for the diversity and create activity. >> larry dancing on the set here. others include simon and gar funk yaels "sound of silence" and to see if your favorite song is on the list go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. hello there. >> did "gangnam style" make it? >> not yet. not yet. >> not a classic. >> in it's own way. >> yes. it is. >> i'm sure. a festival showcasing a unique genre of film making. >> the site of the disposable film festival.
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>> this is a four minute documentary how mexican cooks prepare almost all foods in every restaurant. >> it would have been more faezible. you can see mexican cooks cooking everywhere. we feel that it's still became an invisibility reality. >> if you want to know more about it we've got a link on our web site. >> steven tyler fights for privacy in hawaii. >> here is today's entertainment report. >> beyonce may be busy but she's found time to star in a new ad campaign revealing she'll be the face of h & m's summer clothing line. the clothes will be available
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starting in may world wide. steven tyler hit a road block in attempt to get more privacy in high high would it allow anyone to sue others taking photos and videos of private moments. it's missed an important deadline in the house of representatives. today marks another big deadline but a lack of support makes the bill's future dim. also looking dim, tony stark post avengers flif ironman 3. check out this poster featuring battle-worn power players. joining forces in 3 d may third. and which secret agent is planning a big screen report? find out right now. >> still ahead yoko ono sharing a startling image trying to make a statement on gun violence. >> also, dramatic 911 call,
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what one teenager did to stay safe as robbers ransacked her home. >> i'm michael finney looking for right tools to clean your home? you can see products on tv commercials every day. how well do they
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>> the obama administration is got not giving up on assault weapons ban. >> the vice president and families who lost loved ones in sandy hook school shooting pushed back a bit. >> mark matthews is here with the latest. >> the vice president in new york today pushing the agenda on gun safety and on this issue the white house has a friend in new york and supports from families in newton. connecticut. >> i ask everybody to stand up and speak out. >> a call to action. families lost loved ones in the massacre join vice president biden and new york mayor bloomberg today continuing their push for stricter gun laws despite learning some key elements of a bill will be left out when it goes to a vote in the senate. >> it's up owe to us. all of us to convince members of congress that it's an
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everyone's interest to act now. >> senate majority lead year announced tuesday bans on assault weapons and magazines don't have enough votes to pass. and will not be included in a proposed bill. saying she'd done our best it and was not good enough. >> tell me how it violates a constitutional right. to be limited to a clip that holds 10 rounds instead of 30. >> sweeping reform. the governor signed several gun control bills. a decision that faces visible opposition and at the same time earned him praise from people like lynn mcdonald. when would like to see such laws expanded.
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>> ske we ask you to try to gain your new perspective by thinking about unthinkable. it's our reality. >> senate majority leader says elements of the bill that are being dropped will at some point be voted on as amendment autos thank you. >> the widow of john lennon is using a personal item to make a statement tweeting a picture of the glasses lennon was wearing when shot and killed. one lens is still covered with blood. ono wrote, quote, over one million people have been killed by guns in the usa since john lennon was killed. ono and lennon got married 44 years ago, today. >> well, ravels are a staple of fund raising efforts but one is causing a big uproar.
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they are raveling off, take a look an ar 15 semi automatic rifle with two 30 round magazines. many in the community were outraged considering the series of gun violence episodes in the united states. the league president saying they need a way to raise money for fields and uniforms. >> this is all adult to adult. word of mouth thip deal. >> i think it's ludicrous. they're giving away guns. >> does it get dumber than that? >> well, the league sold all tickets in just two days. >> the threat of a shut down has subsided today. the house passed a spending bill funding every cabinet agency through september 30th and provide another $87
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billion to fund operations in afghanistan and iraq. but does not rescind cuts that will mean furloughs for hundreds of thousands of workers. the bill now heads to the president's december skpk he's expected to sign it police in san diego county crediting bravery of a teen-aged girl. >> he's inside of the house. >> do you hear them? >> okay don't talk. >> wow, that is a recording of the call made by the 15-year-old as burglars ransacked the home. she was alone in the house and heard the doorbell and then the alarm. she grabbed a phone, dialed 911 then hid in the closet. >> i was so scared i can see them. i thought they're going see me. >> they didn't. the dispatcher had the high
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schooler silent and tap on the phone to answer questions. the officer arrived and found three people loading property into a stolen car and arrested two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old man. >> it's a brave girl. fans crowding into hp pavilion to watch golden bears. david louie joins us. crowds welcome for businesses near hp pavilion. >>er they're supportive. you know? i saw people leaving the game wearing tee shirts and spending money on that. she the seem to be intent on supporting downtown businesses. and as passionate about food and drink as about basketball. downtown san jose has been deem teeming with fans. >> it's nonstop now going to be all day long, all hands on deck. >> and fans were tlirsy. the
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bar ran out of kbleed maries. the tabs kept mounting. the downtown association is projecting ncaa fans pumping $1 million into the local economy. ken snid has tickets to all four games today. >> two nights in the hotel. about $4,000. >> two brothers saw a golden opportunity to sell balloons. >> i think this is going to be like a weekend. >> scalpers making a few bucks but avoided the camera. this creates a steady flow of people. business owners are ecstatic.
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litesen to the number of pizzas amecis will be selling. >> we've prepared a lot of dough making up to a thousand mini pizzas to send to hp pavilion to sell at concourse level wex expect another 150 large pizzas for the crowd. >> all of this is frosting on the cake for downtown san jose because the city was not involved in bidding for games, so there are no financial considerations no, concessions, no incentives made for this game. or series of games. >> thank you. >>. >> plenty of cheers and groans at st. mayor ease's college. the gaelz took on memphis. hopes high for st. mary's but
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memphis too athletic of a group. st. mary's almost pulled off a big come back here. that swro been for the win right there. no good. st. maries loses in heart breaking fashion. >> still ahead a common virus likely to send your child to the hospital. >> a random act of kindness. a touching surprise one vet left a woman. >> from sunny skies to mild conditions on afternoon number two of spring. what lies ahead? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you. taking a look at golden gate bridge. you can see traffic back backing up. heading into san francisco could be a construction on lom barred street or on bay street. a lot of construction going on throughout it. but northbound slow and go. but hopefully will be clearing that up later on.
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we'll be right back with more on
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a massachusetts stranger wants to thank a strange kbrer a random act of kindness. >> she spotted an envelope and thought it was a ticket. turned out to be a note from a vet who spotted a ticker on the car that says half of my
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heart is in afghanistan. >> i noticed the sticker on your car. take your hero out to dinner and thank you for serving. him, deployed, you for waiting. >> oh, yae. i can see why. my goodness. the envelope contained two $20 bills. almost overnight that story got more than a million likes. ford wants to meet the donor and she plans to donate the money to someone else in need. >> it's so touching. >> i know. >> moving ahead to the forecast. looks like a great weekend. clear skies you probably know how mild it's been today. we have a wind advisory for much of the central valley. this is in effect until 7:00. winds gusting over 40 miles per hour.
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and a fairly quiet weather picture. showers southeast and a light dusting of snow over parts of the northern rockies. across the country, calm, pleasant that. is the rule. the forecast for the state of california from top to bottom, sunny skies and mild conditions with highs near or above 70s tomorrow. and here in the bay area, over the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains mild with temperatures into low 70s, napa topping out at 706789 antioch, 71 going to head us into a pleasant weekend. beautiful weather is ahead. >> enjoy it, thank you. >> nice. >> up next it's being called world ease strongest coffee. but is it a buzz kill?
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how it stacks up. >> and i'm michael finney. you see them on tv. partner up with consumer reports to test some home cleaning tools before
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noro virus is now the leading cause of stomach flu among young children, responsible for one million immediate cal care visits for 2009 and 2010 in the united states. doctors say one in 278 children will be hospitalized with the illness by the time they turn 5. it can result in vomiting and dehydration and diarrhea. >> monitor energy marketing it's drinks as beverages instead of dietary supplements. the label will now include caffeine content. this after monster joined american beverage association. the fda requires makers of diet supplements to report adverse events linked to their products. it does not apply to products
4:46 pm
sold as beverages for food. >> if you're looking for a strong cup of coffee the owner of this shop selling bags under the name death wish. does charles bronson own the store? i don't know. each cup contains 660 milligrams of caffeine. he warns customers they should not drink more than 16 ounces of the brew in a day. we just had monster story by compare sister, monster is 160 millry grams of caffeine. it's four times stronger than a 16 ounce monster its a lot of caffeine and $20 a bag. yike autos yes. >> if you watch on television you might think cleaning your house can be a breeze with the right tool autos sure. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on products you may have seen on tv. michael the dust buster finney
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is here now. >> and order now. before spending a time, consumer reports shop smart has 411. sick of spending time cleaning? or want sparkling windows? >> many cleaning products claim to do a good job. but do they? >> rounding up some of the heavy advertised cleaning products to see how they work. take this $15 smart mop. >> lift and twist. your hands never touch dirty water. >> they did do a fine job but when trying to ring it out the pole can slip.
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you can end up having to use your hands this was also less than perfect. >> the pan stops the blade from getting into corner autos this kit with this dusting head helps you clean places as promised but head often popped off. that led to breaking. best money spent was $6 on this mitt, then, you can turn it. because you wear it, it singlehandedly can make one cleaning job a breeze. >> it's machine washable. keep in mind consumer reports found it worked it was in more
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effective than other products you can use. saying they're unaware of any issues regarding dusting attachment, disconnecting in use from the telescoping poll. -- pole. and makers of smart mop issued this statement at nature pillows inc we value feed back standing behind our products. smart mop has been tested and has met all of the claims. >> thank you. >> coming up next a special anniversary guards revisit the rock 50 years after the last inmate walked out. >> while they call it a commemoration but not a celebration. >> coming up at 5:00 protecting e mails from police. efforts to close a loophole that could violate pry vassy.
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and now, a disorder found in children that is linked to
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etc. ts wife swap followed by grey's anatomy. a bit of a party a mile and a half off of san francisco. you can call it a commemoration if you will. wayne freedman shows us alcatras brings a mix of emotion autos there must be a big attraction here, why else would people stand in lines from traveling from around the world? >> it's not a one way trip for you not anymore. >> good morning. >> the old prison is a nice place to visit based on the fact now we're free to leave. >> this marks a milestone. >> on this dailt, march 21,
4:54 pm
alcatras chipped away the last prisoners and closed. >> they did not want to see this place closed down. >> what about inmates? >> last one left said there are this place is no good for job. >> patrick mahoney it was a good day to hold court in a rusty room filled with new, old pictures. >> photographs capture alcatras as last moments. just a news story that day but now, it's a time capsule. >> the son of a well known photograph of the time found his father's negatives licensed them, put them in a book and brought little details of the 50th
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anniversary back to life. >> one favorite is a very last image of the empty workout yard. no visible life looks as if prisoners dropped dumb bells and walked away. revelations, memories. for john, both. that is his father peeking from the corner of a picture. he worked in parole department. he brought john that day as a 12-year-old. >> real emotional. still am. 506 years ago for a few of us. >> what kind of father would bring his son? >> wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00.
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abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >> a break through in the fight against a specific cancer providing hope for patients. >> also here, efforts launched to protect your personal e mail from police. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. bright, sunny. i'll let you know if the pattern will last as we head into the weekend. >> good evening. >> tonight just released results of the investigation into the murder of california patrol officer ken onyoung storm killed on a freeway last year. abc 7 news is in the newsroom. >> around 100 family and friends, for christopher lacey.
4:57 pm
the former sausalito resident became distant from friends and family in the year leading up to the shooting. he was living in a trailer two hours north of sacramento in a kmunlt of corning. investigators found nothing to suggest lacey wanted to shoot and kill law enforcement officers prior to the attack. officer young storm and another officer pulled lacey over for obstructed license plate. lacey pulled out a gun, killing young storm. the investigation found the gun was legally bought and registered. authorities offered lacey suffered a mental breakdown and later diagnosed as bi polar. a search of his computer uncovered a wish list including sleeping bags and bulletproof vests.
4:58 pm
investigators found exhibiting an instruction web site how to manufacture explosives. the investigation performed by the sheriff. the detectives say while findings help them paint a better picture of lacey they probably won't find out what provoked hism to kill officer youngstrom. >> developments in a fight against cancerment researchers seeing promising results for a treatment for a type of leukemia. they're hoping it might work for other cancers as well. >> this is a big one, researchers discovered a treatment modifying a patient's immune cells. in one patient who is sick within eight days of receiving this treatment all tracesss of leukemia were gone. kevin weston is fighting a rare type of leukemia he's
4:59 pm
optimistic about the treatment. >> this is something that can make you happier for other peem the cell therapy published in the public. t cells are taken from a person's blood. scientists introduce a virus and t cells able to identify, then kill b cells targeted by leukemia this doctor is chief health and medical editor. >> these patients have leukemia could be dwaedly in adults. this treatment was given in days, it wiped out all cells. >> the treatment has been used in only five people.
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